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This Resource Center works to fulfill on the GSIA's founding Charter goal to promote information sharing, strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation and promote the global security community.


The following links are to security technology and policy white papers, case studies, and research resources written by industry experts, researchers and journalists. Simply click on the subject matter you wish to view and a new page will load that has a listing of links to individually titled materials. Those links will take you directly to the material as well as the websites supplying the information.


Due to the evolving nature and availability of these online resources there may be some cases that the Subject folder or its links are either empty or the links are dead. GSIA staff works to keep the information links active and referencing relevant information. If you would like to submit a link to be referenced or have feed back about an existing link, please email our Communications staff at:


All of the information contained in the Resource Center is freely available through any web search and GSIA makes no warranty as to the validity and accuracy of the information nor any representation that these resources are owned by GSIA, except where specified.

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