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NAST/NSB Join GSIA and Collaborate on New Bodyguard Training Programs 2014-11-24



The Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA) recently inducted two new members, the National Bodyguard Association of Russia (NAST) and the Association of International Cooperation Privately Owned Enterprises of Security (NSB). The NAST was established in 1995 by retired KGB agents of the Directorate “Kremlin-9” and the NSB is one of the largest service providers specializing in the area of development and implementation of security concepts, programs and projects for regions, industrial entities, and commercial structures. “These two organizations often pool their skills and resources and are fully equipped to provide top bodyguard training and security consultancy,” said Richard Chace, Chairman of the GSIA. “Along with GSIA and its international representatives they can efficiently expand services and operations from ‘regional’ to ‘global.”


Security service is in demand all over the world, in all industry types and in both public and private sectors. This demand is related to economic development, social and demographic trends. The NAST has taken a leadership role as a professional bodyguard organization to establish and develop a standardized approach in personal protection throughout the world. The GSIA, being an alliance of global security professionals and security industry experts can contribute towards increasing awareness and acceptance of these new standards and training.


“Due to security concerns for many corporate personnel, bodyguard and personal protection service is becoming the top of the priority list for most corporations and these security guard contracts are now being awarded based on expertise,” noted Chace. “The NAST/NSB training programs focus mainly on Protective Response Training (PRT), which is a system designed in dealing with immediate threats occurring within a two meter radius. PRT has a special rationale, sets of techniques, distinct methodology for training these techniques, and a training and evaluation protocol. The term 'security professional' has now begin to surface for security guards trained in an extensive curriculum. The GSIA endorsed education and training program is offering training services for the private security industry that match the level of grade provided by the military.” For more information on this program please visit

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