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Membership in the Alliance is by application and there are two membership categories: Alliance Members and Strategic Partners. The only requirements for membership are to complete the membership application, review and agree to uphold the five basic principles as outlined in the GSIA Charter, and to tangibly support and participate in Alliance meetings and programs. All applications are reviewed by GSIA staff to verify the information submitted is correct and that the applicant meets the appropriate membership profile. While Alliance Members may from time to time be called upon to make contributions to fund special GSIA projects all participation is strictly voluntary and there are no dues for Alliance Members. Should any member partake in any action that is in conflict with the Charter they may be asked to resign from the Alliance.

The GSIA is about "community" and specifically the cultivation of the global security community. Therefore, Alliance members must police themselves and be responsible to each other. The Alliance is only as strong as its members and their commitment to the greater good.


The GSIA membership is broken into two categories: Alliance Members and Strategic Partners.

ALLIANCE MEMBERS are defined as security industry trade associations, societies, and chapters of larger security trade organizations. Typically these groups have their own unique membership. Alliance Members pay no dues but they do assign representatives to serve on the GSIA Advisory Boards and Vice President's council, pledge to uphold the GSIA Charter and to tangibly support GSIA activities and programs.

STRATEGIC PARTNERS are defined as those organizations that do not fit the “Alliance Member” profile but are still involved as major contributors to the global security community. Strategic Partners can select from four dues levels each of which grant them access to different levels of the Alliance and its governance. Those levels are:

Local Strategic Partner: $5,000.00 USD
- Listed in all Marketing and Website materials as a Strategic Partner of GSIA
- Special recognition and discounts at and to all GSIA Sponsored events
- Seat as a Director on GSIA’s Local Advisory Council

National Strategic Partner: $8,000.00 USD
- All of the Benefits of Local Strategic Partners plus…
- Seat as a Director on GSIA’s National Advisory Council
- Invitations to GSIA’s Executive Networking Events

International Strategic Partner: $10,000.00 USD
- All of the Benefits of National Strategic Partners plus…
- Seat as a Director on GSIA’s International Advisory Council
- Invitations to exclusive market briefings for senior executives

Global Strategic Partner: $20,000.00 USD
- All of the Benefits of International Strategic Partners plus…
- Seat as a Director on GSIA’s Global Advisory Council
- Seat on the GSIA Vice President’s Council
- Member of the Chairman’s Circle

Since Alliance Members and Strategic Partners work together to build and maintain an international resource network aimed at enhancing industry information exchange and the advancement of the global security community, GSIA encourages member organizations and partners to be prepared to work closely with other members in the following areas:

• Support and contribution to GSIA branded or co-branded market research projects in their respective country/region with revenue share opportunities for all members that wish to promote their individual products and services through the GSIA website or other GSIA information vehicles.

• Share currently offered educational/training products with other GSIA members, with the goal of identifying courses to license for repurposing in other markets.

• Share information on current industry security technology best practices/standards and coordinate those with other GSIA members where appropriate.

• Website co-marketing and cooperation to include providing regular appropriate content to GSIA website.

• If applicable, trade show and conference support to include discounts for GSIA member's members, co-branded special events, conference sessions, etc.

• Work to solicit and encourage participation of other relevant and appropriate organizations to join GSIA.

• Commit appropriate staff/volunteers to act as liaison and contact point with other GSIA members.

• To serve on the GSIA Advisory Board


The power and value of the Alliance is that it is a resource designed to foster access to and the continued greater cooperation between security industry professionals and law enforcement around the globe who are working to help manage security and risk matters both locally and globally. The true benefit of Alliance membership will always be tied to how much the members and strategic partners contribute to the Alliance as a whole, yet GSIA as an organization works to provide the following targeted programs and services to support Alliance members and the global security community:

The GSIA Resource Center: A free resource, the GSIA Resource Center is a searchable online repository of white papers, technology overviews, case studies, research reports, market data, press releases and industry newsfeeds from around the world: all in one place.

GSIA Subject Matter Expert (SME) Network: Part of creating a community is to encourage interaction between community members. The GSIA SME Network is a listing of security professionals from around the world who are also members of GSIA member organizations. Use this network to search for and connect with experts that may have worked on security issues and have best practices to offer or who can provide you with real feedback on security technology applications. The GSIA website is a public resource to foster a community information sharing agenda as well as to promote individual member's products and services. The GSIA website also serves as an umbrella marketing tool to push information seekers to specific member websites or to assist in the marketing and sales of Alliance products and services.

Discounts for Trade Show Support and Conference Development: Additionally, Alliance members can request GSIA hosted events at their respective tradeshows or can apply for GSIA endorsement or sponsorship of their events. Each request is handled individually and by contract, as not all needs are the same. In such cases the GSIA would work to market the event and provide tangible benefits at the show designed to enhance the tradeshow experience for the alliance member, attendees and exhibitors.

Additional Benefits: GSIA can also provide targeted business services for Alliance members and for their respective memberships. Services such as Concierge Services for traveling Alliance member leadership; Strategic Business Development and Planning; B2B and B2C Introductions; Development of and Discounts on Custom Market Research; Development of and Discounts on Custom Seminar Development; International Exhibitor cultivation; and Trade show delegation support and translator services.

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