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When you are planning to travel internationally to attend a security trade show, conference or client, you want to maximize the financial and time investment set aside for that trip. The Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA) Concierge Service is designed to help you plan for your trip as well as be an onsite resource to help you connect and network with professionals from the GSIA member community.

GSIA Concierge Services provides one-call problem solving, time saving, organizational, and networking/match-making services. From the simple to the complex, as long as the request is legal, ethical, and well-intentioned, GSIA Concierge Services will work to assist, either by performing the service directly, or quickly and efficiently sourcing the best resource for the job. Whether by the appointment, the networking event or by a customized blend of services, let the GSIA Concierge help you get the most out of your travels through the global security community.


The team at GSIA’s Concierge Service Department is a resource tool to compliment your business as well as personal needs when you are traveling to security events around the world. Our services provide a cost effective solution for a wide range of travel-oriented, business support, networking and matchmaking needs.

We understand that your time is valuable, and by utilizing our services to help set up local business appointments or organize a business function, you will dedicate more of your important business hours to focusing on your company and bottom-line.

In addition to providing valuable concierge services for you, your staff or important clients, GSIA Concierge Services offers Virtual Assistant Services to support your travel and business meeting requirements. Our virtual services encompass any task which is managed or administered through today's technology, providing you with a low cost, high-impact solution to your business needs.

We can arrange all travel and hospitality for yourselves and your clients, including car transportation, flights, accommodations, and entertainment. If we have handled your travel, we will assign a Concierge to you for the duration of your trip that will be available as your personal concierge resource.

Perhaps you need to arrange a table at a notable local restaurant for a business meeting to impress a client? Our Concierge Services team can coordinate the right venue based on your needs. While services can depend on local availability; just let us know what your goals are and we can customize a program to suit your needs.


• Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
• Corporate Travel Services and Setting up Local Travel Schedules
• Chauffeur, Sedan/ Limousine Services
• Conference Registration
• Organizing and Facilitating Business Meetings
• Corporate Outings
• Hosting networking events
• Connecting Trade Show Attendees at Trade Events
• Dinner Meetings & Parties
• Event Planning
• Hotel Arrangements
• Messenger & Courier Services
• Emergency Medical Services
• Professional Speakers
• Event Site Selection
• Translator Services
• Community Resource and Cultural Briefings
• Local Area Orientation/Research Service
• Personal Assistant Services
• Shop and Purchase Gifts
• Strategic Business Development and Planning
• Presentation Development
• Visa Services
• Letters of Introduction
• Tour Guide Services and Sightseeing Tours

For more information, to request a quote, or to request a service, please email the Concierge Service Department: