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One of the cornerstones of sound business planning is the use of quality research but the problem many companies face in assessing market intelligence is not the lack of information but its abundance.

Information is virtually unlimited in this digital age, but distilling it is usually beyond the resources of many smaller organizations. With our proprietary databases, extensive in-house experience, and global network of “on the ground” contacts, the GSIA can provide the latest custom market research designed to give your organization an information or competitive advantage.


The GSIA takes a multifaceted approach in analyzing market size, maturity, trends in growth or decline, as well as import barriers and tariffs, labeling or certification requirements, regulatory issues, and free trade agreements. We provide insight on economic and business considerations and help guide your global strategy to the markets where you will achieve the greatest results.

For exporters, we can show the top countries importing your product in terms of volume and growth. For importers, we can identify the top countries supplying a product which can assist your organization when it needs to diversify suppliers or source new products.

For trade organizations, we can develop targeted customized research on the security market in your region and work to market that research globally to help draw more international attention to your market.


Our custom market research reports provide information specific to the security industry and aligned to your vertical markets of interest. This includes:

• Conducting a competitive analysis
• Identifying and vetting potential buyers, distributors or suppliers
• Researching types of business agreements
• Providing guidance on cultural issues
• Identifying trade shows and relevant industry associations

After a careful discussion of your business objectives, the GSIA team will prepare a detailed proposal, which includes pricing and timelines for all project deliverables. Throughout the research process, we are in communication with you to ensure that the desired objectives are being met. And, GSIA members receive market research at discounted rates.


For more information, request a quote or discuss a project, please contact the GSIA Research Department: