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The Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA) is by design a vast B2B service network connecting over 250,000 security professionals around the world. These professionals represent various organizations and business interests that serve global vertical markets that are consumers of security products and services.

The GSIA was founded to unite the global security community around the principles of fairness, honesty, innovation, sharing, open communication, and "win-win" strategic cooperation; all basic tenets of B2B activity.


The GSIA network serves as a business resource for the global security community. The GSIA's programs and services are designed to be used interchangeably at either the Local or Global level.

While GSIA works at the global level to actively promote industry resources and organizations, it also works leverage that global business network to support the business activities of its individual Alliance members and strategic partners.

This B2B support is often customized based on the request of the individual member or strategic partner and often done in conjunction with Alliance member hosted events. However, all B2B introduction requests are handled individually.


The GSIA mantra of "Thinking Locally - Acting Globally" underscores the GSIA's value as a B2B force-multiplier resource and platform for organizations who are looking to maximize business effectiveness while working towards the common goal of a safer and more secure global community.

To request more information on ways GSIA can help you make a B2B connection through a GSIA program or service, please contact the GSIA Concierge Service Department:


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