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The members of the Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA) are trade organizations, strategic institutional / NGO partners and corporations in the security industry who promote the following five principles and share in realizing the objective of creating a global security community dedicated to the betterment of the industry and society as a whole.


GSIA was founded on the following five principles:
-    Fair Competition
-    Honesty & Innovation
-    Sharing & Communication
-    Consumer Centric
-    Strategic Cooperation


The primary focus of the GSIA is to be a shared information resource for the global security community. The GSIA’s programs and services are designed to be used interchangeably at either the Local or Global level. While GSIA works at the global level to actively promote industry resources and organizations, it also works to find ways to bring those global resources to support the local activities of its individual Alliance members and Strategic Partners. This local support is often in a "behind the scenes" customized role so as not to overshadow or distract from the prominence of the Alliance member GSIA is there to support.

The GSIA mantra of "Thinking Locally - Acting Globally" underscores the GSIA's value as a force-multiplier resource and platform for like-minded organizations that are working towards the common goal of a safer and more secure global community.

Aside from individualized support, GSIA and its members promote a global focus in the following five areas:

1.   Best Practices and Standardization of Global Security Industry:
-   Best Practice Development
-   Assessment
-   Training
-   Testing Standards
-   Cloud and Interoperability
-   Security Screening
-   Installation
-   Integration

2.   Development of Security Policies and Guidelines:
-   Cyber Security policy
-   Intellectual Property policy
-   Risk Management and Threat Assessment policies
-   Trade policy
-   Homeland Security policy
-   Law Enforcement Use of Security Technology

3.   Education and Training:
-   Risk Management and Threat Assessment
-   Education on Technology Capabilities
-   Technology Specific Training
-   Installation Training
-   Maintenance Training
-   Certification Programs

4.   Market Research:
-   Research that defines the security market in each Alliance members' Country
-   Co-branded research materials
-   Research that defines manufacturing and consumer buying needs and trends
-   Research that supports the value of exhibiting at Alliance partner trade shows

5.   Trade Shows and Educational Conferences:
-   GSIA provides exhibitor education programs designed to help educate about the market opportunities of each trade event
-   Alliance partners extend trade show exhibition discounts and benefits to other Alliance partners member
-   GSIA sponsorship of an alliance member trade show consists of GSIA hosted educational tracks and networking events


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