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In 2009, during the CPSE Show in Shenzhen, the Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA) gained 30 members, a revised charter, a new operating structure, and a new headquarters location. At that show representatives of over 30 countries met and signed on to a non-binding global security industry declaration that was to become the basis of the new GSIA charter. That declaration states:

Global Security Industry Shenzhen Declaration

Initiated by the founding members of the Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA) represented by the security industry associations in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and the United States, representatives from security industries in over 30 countries hereby issue this Global Security Industry Declaration. This declaration is made upon the premise of "equity and win-win strategic cooperation" and is comprised of the following five principles to which all signers have agreed in principle to adhere.

1.    Fair Competition
Excellent brands and products should have access to the world, no matter where they come from. Security organizations and companies should promote and abide by the principle of fair competition and open trade, contributing to the robust and innovative global security marketplace and community.

2.    Honesty & Innovation
Security organizations and companies should promote and adhere to all applicable and respective governing laws and regulations of the industry, globally champion the protection of intellectual property, actively contribute to the making of universal standards and best practices, and fulfill on the mission to responsibly promote technology, protect consumers and contribute to a safer society.

3.    Sharing & Communication
Reliable information sharing and transparent clear communication is the foundation of any efficient organization or industry, thus it is critical to keep communication and information channels open up and down supply and value chains and to responsibly and reasonably act as required in order to realize global prosperity.

4.    Consumer Centric
Effectively and responsibly serving consumers of security / life-safety technology and information should be an eternal pursuit. Security organizations and companies should be vigilantly consumer-oriented, making efforts to meet the diversified and individualized requirements of consumers.

5.    Strategic Cooperation
Security organizations and companies should work to promote strategic cooperation wherever possible in order to realize the principle of "win-win strategic cooperation" for the global industry, consumers, and society. This initial industry strategic cooperation is envisioned to include establishing a global system for promoting innovative technologies, a global system for sharing information, a global system to better facilitate trade, and a global resource system that promotes and reflects the many facets of the security industry.

This declaration we are making is to promote information sharing among global security organizations and companies, to strengthen bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation and to responsibly promote common development of the global security industry. To this end we support and endorse the creation of the Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA) as such an agent and that this declaration be used as the basis for the new organization's founding Charter.

Nov. 1, 2009
Shenzhen, China


Russian Security Industry Association (RASI)
Security Industry Association (SIA)
China Security and Protection Industry Association (CSPIA)
Shenzhen Security and Protection Industry Association (SSPIA)
Asian Anti-Counterfeit Association (AAA)
Asian Anti-counterfeit Association- Israel Chapter
Asian Anti-counterfeit Association - Bangladesh Chapter
Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs
Singapore Security Alliance
Singapore Security Systems Association
Asian Professional Security Association International – India Chapter
Asian Professional Security Association – Thailand Chapter
Asian Professional Security Association – Vietnam Chapter
Asian Professional Security Association - Singapore Chapter
Asian Professional Security Association - Malaysia Chapter
Asian Professional Security Association -Hong Kong Chapter
International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners - Philippines
Philippine National Police Service Stores System (PNPSSS)
Israel Security Industry Association
Brazilian Security Industry Association (ABINEE)
International Aviation Security Association
ASIS International – Asia Pacific
ASIS International – Singapore Chapter
International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP)
Directorate of Community Relations Group of Philippines National Police
Security Services Association Malaysia
Korea Security Association / APSA - Korea Chapter
Security Providers Association of Australia
Associate Signatories:
Axis Communications
Embassy of Spain

Australia - Bangladesh - Brazil - Canada - China (PRC) - Hong Kong (SAR) - India - Israel - Korea - Malaysia - Philippines - Russia - Singapore - Spain - Sweden - Thailand - United Kingdom - United States - Vietnam

Out of all the GSIA members who signed the 2009 Declaration/Charter the only organization that has not continued alliance membership is the US-based Security Industry Association (SIA).

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