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The Alliance has three structural components:
1.) Four Advisory Boards
2.) Vice President's Council
3.) Corporate Board


There are four Advisory Boards that represent the different "community" levels of the Alliance:
- Local
- National
- International
- Global

These Advisory Boards act like a Steering Committee for the Alliance and serve to help direct which types of initiatives and resources would best serve Alliance members. There can be any number of members that serve on the Advisory Boards and there is no term limit. For Alliance Members it is an invitation only appointment, which is made by the Chairman in consultation with the Vice President's Council. The Alliance's Strategic Partners, based on dues level, can also participate in these Advisory Boards for the term of their membership.


The Vice President's Council is a collection of Alliance member leadership from its partner organizations. Members of this council are the primary representatives of member organizations and are appointed to this council by the organizations they represent. The council provides directional leadership for GSIA strategy and outreach.


GSIA is officially registered as a corporation in Hong Kong and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The Corporate Board manages the financial and logistical aspects of the Alliance in accordance with local laws. The GSIA is operated by a Chairman and the Corporate Board. All revenues are derived from Strategic Member dues, product and service revenues and trade show sponsorships. The Corporate Board uses these revenues to subsidize operations and provide logistical support for GSIA activities and events.

NOTE: While GSIA headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China; GSIA's data, website and servers are located in the United States.


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