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About GSIA - Global Community Network

The Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA) mantra of "Thinking Locally - Acting Globally" underscores the GSIA's value as a force-multiplier resource and platform for like-minded organizations that are working towards the common goal of a safer and more secure global community.

Part of creating a "community" is to encourage interaction between community members. One of the great by-products of participation in the GSIA is the creation of one of the largest networks of security experts and industry professionals from around the world who specialize in specific vertical markets and sectors of the security industry.

The GSIA community represents a network of 150,000 - 300,000 people from 45 international security and law enforcement organizations / companies in 25 different countries and regions around the world. All sharing in the same goal to unite the global security community around the principles of fairness, honesty, innovation, sharing, open communication, and "win-win" strategic cooperation.

Yet above all else GSIA members and partners seek to use this community platform to promote security best practices and applications that responsibly identify ways to secure our local, national and global interests while respecting the cultural diversity of the very community it represents.


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